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Due to the amount of applications received, Blueline RP

is still actively recruiting new members.

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Blueline has offiically launched its servers! Come join us by applying.

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    In the sprawling and diverse world of Blueline Roleplay, where the untamed wilderness of Blaine County stands in stark contrast to the urban sprawl of Los Santos, the San Andreas Department of Public Safety emerges as a beacon of authority and responsibility. The SADPS, as we affectionately call it, plays a pivotal role in maintaining order, enforcing the law, and safeguarding the rural expanses of our server.

    The untamed beauty of The state is an intrinsic part of our server's charm. However, this rugged environment requires vigilant oversight, and that's where the SADPS comes in. As a member of the DPS, you become the vanguard of these expansive lands, upholding the law and ensuring the safety of both residents and visitors.

    From patrolling the dusty backroads to conducting high-stakes investigations, the San Andreas Department of Public Safety offers a plethora of roles and responsibilities. Whether you aspire to be a diligent officer, a canine handler, or even a seasoned detective, your journey within the DPS is one filled with opportunities for growth, learning, and heroism.

    The SADPS stands as a symbol of community guardianship. Your role extends far beyond law enforcement. It involves building trust, connecting with the community, and actively contributing to the shared experience of Blueline Roleplay. As a member of the DPS, you forge bonds, solve problems, and nurture a sense of belonging in this virtual world.

    In Blueline Roleplay, we take pride in our strong sense of community. As a member of the San Andreas Department of Public Safety, you embody the values of honor, courage, and selflessness. You are the heroes who answer the call, provide safety, and maintain peace in a dynamic and sometimes unpredictable environment.

    The Department of Public Safety offers you a front-row seat to a world that blends the rustic charm of the countryside with the excitement of law enforcement. Whether you're a seasoned law enforcement professional or a newcomer eager to make a difference, your journey in Blueline Roleplay's SADPS promises excitement, camaraderie, and endless opportunities to make your mark.

    As part of the SADPS, you are not just an officer; you are a symbol of hope and safety in Blueline Roleplay's wild frontier. Your dedication is what keeps the backroads secure and the community thriving, and you are the guardians of the hinterlands.

    Join us in San Andreas Department of Public Safety, and become a key player in the dynamic and thrilling world of Blueline Roleplay. Be a part of the legacy that defines our server, and take on the challenge of maintaining law and order in the vast, rugged beauty of the state. Your adventure awaits!

  • Administration

    Sheriff: Matthew Y. 3C-01

    Undersheriff: Devon O. 3C-02

    Colonel: John M.


    Junior Administration





    Senior Staff

    Master Sergeant



    Staff Sergeant

    Sergeant First Class



    Staff In Training




    Master Deputy

    Senior Deputy

    Deputy III

    Deputy II

    Deputy I

    Probationary Deputy

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